How to add contacts

There are several ways to add new contacts to your email list.

1. You can add contacts individually. Select “Add contact” on the list detail page.

Write each contact’s email address and fill in the other fields with any data you have available. Check to declare that you have consent to add the contact then click “ADD”.

2. You can upload contacts from a file or from an external URL. You can upload XLS, XLSX, ODS and CSV files (or comma separated values in TXT files). Please note that you can take advantage of a spreadsheet to add multiple descriptive fields such as email addresses (column 1); first names (column 2); surnames (column 3).

Select “Import contacts” on the list detail page.

Choose the file to upload, then click the green “IMPORT” button below on the right.

You will be redirected to a new page. Here, you can review the match between your file columns and the list fields. eMailChef will automatically ignore any duplicate address and not import them. In this example, we have uploaded a list with the following fields: name, surname, email, telephone number.

If a field is unknown, you can create a new field on this page. Click the drop-down menu, and select: “Define a new custom field.” You can then enter the details in the pop-up page.

3. You can also copy and paste the contacts from a clipboard. Each address should be placed on a separate line, with each field separated by a comma. This will allow you to “combine” the values with the fields in the next step.

4. By connecting your Google account to eMailChef you can automatically import your contacts from Google Sheets and Google contacts. Click “Import contacts” from your list and select the “INTEGRATIONS” tab.

Choose the service to import contacts from and follow the procedure.

You can also import your contacts from other platforms, such as SendBlaster, by uploading CSV or XLS files.

To learn more about importing contacts, watch the following video tutorials:

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