How to add contacts

In the list management page, click on “Import contacts”; you’ll get to this page:

As highlighted by the tabs, there are three methods of adding contacts to your list; let’s see them one by one.

1. First of all, you can upload them from a file or from an external URL. You can upload XLS, XLSX, ODS and CSV files (or comma separated values in TXT files). Please note that you can take advantage of the spreadsheet structure to add multiple descriptive fields: for instance the emails (column 1), the names (column 2), the surnames (column 3).
Once you have done it, click on the green button “Import” below on the right: eMailChef will take care of the process. Once finished the uploading, you will be redirected to a new page:

Here you can review the match between your file columns and the list fields. In the example above, we have uploaded a list of just three contacts where the first field is the address, the second the name and the third the surname. Please note that eMailChef will automatically ignore any duplicate address and not import it.

You can also create a new field on the fly in this very page: click on the drop-down menu and choose “Define a new custom field”, then set its details in the pop-up page:

In the example above, we have defined the fields “Name” and  “Surname”. The relative placeholders are automatically generated.

2. You can also copy and paste the contacts from the clipboard. Each address should be put on a single line.
You can also add other details separated by a comma like the example provided in the box; this will help us to match the values with the list fields on the next step.

3. Finally, you can add your contacts manually, one by one, old style. Here the only mandatory field is “email”, but you can add up to 4 other descriptive fields: