Free Partnership Program

Are you a web developer, consultant or agency?
Recommend Emailchef to your clients and earn commissions forever.

The Emailchef Partnership Program is designed especially for marketing and IT consultants, developers and web agencies wishing to offer their clients an extra service and to avoid watching them switch to other platforms or services. It is also an unmissable chance to increase company profits.

With the Emailchef Partnership Program, you will have:

A commission of all the transactions carried out by your clients, forever.
When you send us the e-mail addresses of the clients to whom you have proposed our service, and who have registered or are thinking of doing so, our team will build you a personal database, through which you will instantly earn commissions for every Emailchef product purchase made by one of your clients, without having to do anything else.

What’s more, if they decide to upgrade to a more expensive monthly plan, your commission automatically increases too! All commissions are guaranteed for life, for the entire duration of your partnership with us

Detailed reports on your commissions thanks to an online dashboard that is constantly updated in real-time. It displays the full list of active clients, their payments and your subsequent profits.

On-time payments to you, which will be carried out every time you reach 100 euro of commission, calculated from 30 days after you client’s transaction (We reserve the right to withhold payment of commission in cases of spamming or technical problems generated by your referrals.).

Our secure and efficient client support service, which is always available to help you to organise and manage your account.

By offering your clients an extra service with the quality of Emailchef, your business will gain prestige, as well as benefitting from a fixed high percentage, forever, for every client added to your database.

Bring your clients to Emailchef today and start earning instantly!

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