Email marketing: how to

We love well-done email marketing. And we love to share all the resources that can help you build a professional and effective email campaign.

Here you will find all the best practices and our personal tips about how to create a newsletter from scratch, build a permission-based list of contacts, increase your delivery rate, manage transactional emails, write a compelling subject line, understand the meaning of cloud email sending and much more.

Email marketing practices

All you need to know about the best practices of mass email marketing.

Bulk email sending

You don’t “blast” a bulk email. You send a proper newsletter. Right?

Mass email service

How to properly reach multiple contacts, in a few steps.

Newsletter basic practices

Learn how to build an amazing newsletter in minutes.

Email sending service

All you can ask to an email marketing application.

Templates for newsletters

A well-designed layout is crucial for a good email marketing strategy.

Email campaign tips

Tips and tricks to improve your newsletter campaign.

Email list management

How to build, grow and manage your contacts.

subscription form

Still the best way to attract new users and subscribers.

Transactional emails

Autoresponders and event-triggered emails, explained.

Email tracking

It’s extremely important to track your newsletter. Here’s why.

Email delivery

How to enhance your deliverability in a few easy steps.

Cloud email sending

Sending emails online, without downloading a software.