7 “Thank You” Emails to Send to Customers

Offering users the best customer experience doesn’t just mean having great customer service. It requires more than efficiency and punctuality.

It also means remembering the little things.

A simple thank you email can make all the difference when it comes to building trust with subscribers and customers. If your business is small or growing, it is essential that you stand out from the most established e-commerce firms or from the most popular hotel chains by focusing on the human side of marketing.

The good news is it doesn’t take much. Small touches can be enough. They require a very small investment of time and money but they can deliver huge benefits.

Today we want to talk to you about one of the simplest strategies for building a trusting relationship with your customers and leads: by sending “thank you” emails.

These kinds of emails are very powerful. They can trigger word-of-mouth recommendations that will grow your reputation and your business. Being able to count on an active and loyal user base that believes in you and in the values ​​of your brand is an excellent starting point. It’s a real guarantee in times of crisis.

Not sure what to write in the texts of your “thank you” emails? Worried that you don’t have the right templates or don’t know the various types of “thank you” emails to produce? Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Here are the 7 “Thank You” Emails you absolutely must send to your customers to get the most out of your email marketing strategy.

1.Holiday “Thank You” Emails

A special occasion is a good excuse for showing your customers that you think of them and that you want to thank them for their loyalty. Christmas and end-of-year emails, in particular, lend themselves well to displaying gratitude. Choose engaging and fun templates and reward loyal customers with coupons, special discounts and gifts.

Newsletter Holiday “Thank You” Emails

2.Anniversary Emails

Anniversary emails make your customers feel part of your success. Go beyond simple generic thanks and contact them on special occasions, such as the anniversary of your company’s launch or the customer’s first order from you.
There is no better way to retain customers than to let them know that you are aware of the value they bring and that you’re grateful for their business.

Newsletter Anniversary Email

3.Thanks For Coming

If you have a hotel or have invited guests to an event such as an exhibition, a presentation, or an auction, thank them for coming. Show them that for you and for your brand, people are not just numbers. They’re an integral part of the journey you’re on together.

Newsletter Thanks For Coming

4.Thanks for Registering

When a user subscribes to your mailing list (whether you’re using a single opt-in or a double opt-in method) they’ll expect an email confirmation.

With that confirmation, thank your new subscriber. Make them feel welcome in your new group. Take advantage of the email to explain your brand’s values, and insert links to your content or special discounts reserved for new subscribers.

Since subscription confirmation emails, as well as order confirmation emails, enhance your reputation, we recommend that you automate their sending with a professional email marketing platform like Emailchef.

Newsletter Thanks for Registering

5.Thanks for Your Order

When a customer places an order, they should immediately receive a confirmation email that includes:

  • An opening “thank you” followed by the user’s name or a generic address.
  • A summary of the order.
  • A link to check the order status.

Use this message to offer additional information, such as an invitation to follow your social pages.

If you manage a hotel, don’t forget to send the booking confirmation to your future guests. For more ideas, consult our pages dedicated to email marketing for tourism and email marketing for hotels during the Covid emergency.

Newsletter Thanks for Your Order

6.Thanks for the Feedback or Review

Reviews are key to building a good reputation. Use emails to encourage your customers to leave a comment and tell everyone how much they loved your service. Don’t worry if you receive negative reviews. Use them to improve. Send an email with a form to fill out, making your customers understand that their opinion is really important to you.

Don’t forget to thank those who use their time to write a review, offering discounts, gift coupons or special content in return.

Newsletter Thanks for the Feedback or Review

7.Thanks for Sharing

Emails are a great way to network and encourage word of mouth marketing. Offer your users the ability to share discount codes with their friends and don’t forget to thank them!

Thanks for Sharing

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