E-mail deliverability - Tips and tools to improve it

E-mail deliverability – Tips and tools to improve it

Sending an e-mail, whether transactional or promotional, does not necessarily mean reaching the recipient. E-mail marketers know how much the delivery rate of their campaigns is important. That’s the reason why we are going to explain to you what deliverability means.

What does email deliverability mean?

The meaning of the term “deliverability” looks like so difficult to understand, but it’s essential for the success of your marketing campaign. Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes.

How to reach subscribers inboxes

Worrying about the deliverability only when the sending performance of your marketing campaign (open rates and clicks) take a negative trend is not the right approach. Why not to try to immediately get the maximum delivery rate with a deliverability service designed for your needs? This is what EmailChef does for you. Remember: the success of your marketing campaign will be zero if your emails don’t reach the recipient! Here, it’is what we offer you.

Which email marketing software guarantees the best deliverability?

It’s not easy to find an answer. You should consider that deliverability depends on various factors, not just on the system you use.
So, we think that the right question to do is.

Which email marketing software offers a deliverability service?

Taking for granted that deliverability depends on your lists and on the way you communicate, you’ve got three options to choose from:

  1. A common email marketing tool, without a specific delivery support, with a medium deliverability and without personalized management (such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue or Active Campaign)
  2. Support the email marketing tool you have chosen with professional tools for the deliverability monitoring such as Return Path and then hire an expert with the task of optimizing your marketing campaigns according to the Return Path data
  3. An email marketing tool that offers personalized deliverability service to guarantee the success of your campaigns

Emailchef offers you a personalized deliverability service. Our expert team gives you advice, checks the delivery rate of your email marketing campaigns and communicates with the email clients.


Our Premium plans guarantees a dedicated IP that brings countless benefits to your marketing campaign. All servers and IPs are European and this may help to increase deliverability compared to those located in the United States. Not only will your emails reach their destination, but they won’t even risk to end up in spam. Our IPs, in fact, are included in the most important white lists of the main ISPs, such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook and are monitored by our team that ensures you a good sending reputation.

Feedback loops management

We take part in the main feedback loop programs and anti-spam organizations all over the world. The email clients (Gmail, Hotmail etc.) report any spam complaint from users to us, so that we are able to notify it in your account and automatically remove the user who complains from your contact list, in order to avoid future troubles.
We currently have activated feedback loops with the following ISPs:

    • AOL
    • Alice
    • Tiscali
    • Virgilio
    • Libero
    • Hotmail/Outlook
    • Yahoo
    • comcast.net
    • Road Runner – rr.com (not working since 2017)
    • usa.net
    • excite.com
    • United Online / netzero.com / juno.combaesystems
    • earthlink.net
    • mindsprint.com
    • onemain.com
    • BlueTie
    • Comcast
    • Cox
    • Fastmail
    • Italiaonline
    • Laposte
    • Locaweb
    • MailRu
    • Rackspace
    • Synacor
    • Telenor
    • Terra
    • xs4all
    • Yandex
    • UOL
    • Opensrs
    • Seznm
    • Telstra
    • Liberty
    • Tencent
    • Zoho

Deliverability monitoring

Our team is available to evaluate the trends of your email marketing campaign, using advanced tools. We are also ready to give you advice so that you can easily improve your deliverability rate and we prevent any non-compliant use, defending the success of your strategy.

Errors handling

In addition to feedback loops, Emailchef also manages bounces and other email errors in order to ensure you the best email marketing experience. Our customer service is always available to support you, it speaks your language and can customize the platform and its functions to meet all your needs.


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