Grow your list: create a sign-up form

A subscription or sign-up form is the best way to collect new customers and grow your permission-based list. Adding a form to your website in a relevant place will drive visitors’ attention and encourage them to make a quick and safe subscription to your newsletter.

We have streamlined the creation process to make it as easy as possible. In a few, short steps you can get both a direct link hosted on our server and the HTML code to install the form directly on your website.

Depending on your policy, you can create both opt-in or double opt-in forms. The first type allows a direct registration without any other confirmation: the user enters their data and email address, clicks “Subscribe”, and receives a welcome message. It’s only available for the highest privacy policy available, Executive Chef. The double opt-in process, requires the user to click a link on a confirmation email before being subscribed, verifying their identity and email address.

To create a new form, go to the “LISTS” section. Select the list you want to associate the form with, and click “Sign-up forms”.


Enter the name, the description and the default language of the form, then click “Next”.

You can then choose a template from our vast choice of ready-made layouts, and customize it freely

The form editor is based on a drag-and-drop system to make it extremely easy to add, remove, or switch each element. In the following example, we drag and release a “Header” box…

… then edit it by changing its text, font style, and font size.

The same can be done with all other elements on the left.

Using the hamburger icon, you can also change the order of the fields. Click, then drag-and-drop the field down the page.

Any custom fields that you have created will be available among the default elements. For instance, if you have created a data field for users’ date of birth, you can add that field to the subscription form to pick up that information during registration. All data are synchronized automatically.

To make a field mandatory, just check the box marked “required”:

You can also hide a field. A hidden field will not be visible on your form but it will contain a value that you have assigned and which will be present in the contact data. If, for example, on your site you have two different forms that subscribe your contacts to a single list, a hidden field can identify the form your contacts used to register, allowing you to segment your list.

eMailChef also lets you create a translated version of your form for multilingual websites. Simply click “Add translation” to produce a copy of your form and translate its text directly.

Once you’ve finished editing, click “Next” to go to the “Subscription preferences”. 

Now choose whether to create an opt-in or double opt-in registration form (remember that the opt-in functionality is only available with the “Executive Chef” policy).

1. Single opt-in

To create a single opt-in form, you simply need to write a welcome message that will appear on your website after the user has subscribed. For instance:

You can also decide to send a thank you email to confirm that the registration succeeded. You can copy the welcome message text or add something new. The default text is a simple “Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter!” You can also upload your logo: eMailChef will automatically edit it to fit the email.

2. Double opt-in

To implement a double opt-in process, you need to first specify a subscription confirmation email. The email will be sent to the user immediately after opting in, and contains a link (identified by the tag [confirm_link]) that the user must click to confirm their registration and the validity of their address. eMailChef provides a default text to guide you. You can also upload your logo: the system will automatically edit it to fit the email.

To send to your subscribers a correctly formatted subscription confirmation email, eMailChef uses an internal, and customizable, tag system.

{{h1#Subscription confirmation}} for the Title (in the body of the email)

{{button#[[confirm_link]]#Yes, I want to subscribe}} for the confirmation button

{{a#[[unsubscribe_link]]#Click here to unsubscribe}} to add an unsubscribe link

You can customize the italicized words after the hashtag#.

eMailChef also creates a few placeholders. Some are fixed and pre-generated, such as ([[email]], [[first_name]], [[last_name]]). Others are generated from the custom fields that you create, such as date of birth or country.

The next step is to create a message alert that will appear on your website, showing that the subscription confirmation email has been sent correctly. Finally, a welcome message will appear on the website after the user clicks the link in the subscription confirmation email, finalizing the double opt-in process.

You can also decide to send a thank you email to confirm that everything went well. You may copy the welcome message text or add your own message. The default text is a simple “Thank you for joining our newsletter!”. If you want to upload your logo eMailChef will automatically edit it to fit the email.

Finally, click “GET THE CODE”.

You can use your form in three different ways:

1. Hosted: enter your form as a link, copying the static address (it will be hosted on our servers).

2. Embedded: install the form on your website by copying the JavaScript code into your website’s HTML.

3. Custom: if you are an expert coder, copy and edit the HTML code to customize and better adapt the form to your site.

To learn more about the registration forms, watch the following video tutorials: