How to create an automatic greeting email

You can use an autoresponder to send an email to your contacts on important dates. For example, you could send your subscribers an email greeting on their birthdays. Marking a special date is a personal touch that your contacts will appreciate, especially if it comes with a gift such as a discount code or a special offer. The importance you attach to your relationship with your subscriber, together with the gift, can help you to retain your contacts.

Let’s see how to use Emailchef to create an autoresponder to send an automatic greeting.

First, you need to create a custom field of type date in the list in which you want to activate the autoresponder.

In the “AUTORESPONDER” section, click the “CREATE AN AUTORESPONDER” button.

Choose the template you want to use as an autoresponder, and click “USE FOR AUTORESPONDER”.

Click “NEXT”. You’ll now need to choose the type of event that will activate your autoresponder. In this case, choose: “Anniversary date”.

Select the lists or list segments that will receive the autoresponder.

Select the date field that corresponds to the event (the birthday date).

Select the time to send the autoresponder. You can send the email days or hours before the birthday, on the birthday, or days or hours after the big day.

Click “NEXT”. Complete the form below with the name of the autoresponder, the sender, and the subject. You can also add the preheader.


Your autoresponder has been activated. The contacts in the lists or list segments you have indicated will receive your congratulations on their birthdays.

To learn more, see this video tutorial:

[EN] What are autoresponders? How to create an automatic birthday email