Finalize and activate the autoresponder

Still on the same page, you can next choose which list you want to send the autoresponder campaign to. Remember that the email will be sent only to the addresses of the list that match the specified conditions.

After selecting the trigger event and lists, just click LAST DETAILS. Insert the subject line for your autoresponder campaign and then type the subject line and choose a sender address. You can return back to the previous steps to change any settings or edit your content or save a draft to continue set up later. If everything looks good, just click on ACTIVATE.

Your autoresponder will be instantly activated.

You can monitor its status from the Autoresponder general page, where you can find a list of all your autoresponder campaigns.

Please note that you can activate and deactivate your autoresponder campaign any time you wish.

To activate the autoresponder, go to the Autoresponders page, click on “OFF” icon in the listing. Click YES on the modal window until the icon changes to “ON”.

To deactivate your autoresponder, just click the “ON” icon and choose “YES” on the modal window. The icon will change to “OFF”.

If you wish to use the same autoresponder for another campaign, you can skip the set up process and save time. Just click on the “Clone” icon and your autoresponder will be automatically duplicated. At this point, just click on the autoresponder name and make all the necessary changes.

If you need to delete an autoresponder from the list, simply click on the “X” symbol (first icon on the right) next to the one you want to delete.