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Customize the details of your campaign

The next step is to add some details to your newsletter.

Name Your Campaign

Name your campaign and write a short description that will help you identify it. Subscribers won’t see this information.

Choose the Sender

If you have several verified email addresses, you can select the sender you want to use. You can also add a new sender by clicking “+”.

Select or add an alternate return address if you want the reply address to differ from the sender’s.

Enter a Subject Line

Choose a catchphrase to announce your message and intrigue your recipients. We advise you not to exceed 60 characters.

Add a Tag

You can also add a “tag” field to the subject of your email. The recipient’s name, for example, will make the message more personal. Choose the tag from the drop-down menu and click “INSERT PERSONALIZATION”. The tag will be automatically inserted into the object but you can place it wherever you want.

Add a Preheader

In addition to the email subject, you can also insert a preheader. This is a short sentence that completes the subject. The preheader is visible in some email clients such as Gmail in the inbox list, right after the subject.

By clicking the “INBOX PREVIEW” button, you can see how your message will appear in the inbox in both desktop and mobile versions:

Track your campaign through Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics on your website, check the box to track incoming links and purchases from your campaign.

At the end of the form, click “NEXT” to continue.