What's Double Opt-In

Email Marketing: What’s Double Opt-In?

Here we’ll explain what the double opt-in consists of and why it’s different from the single opt-in

Inserting a registration form on your site is a great way to collect new contacts, which is one of the most important preliminary steps for those involved in email marketing.

The email addresses collected will then create a mailing list, which gives you a list of potential customers for your business.

However, how can you be sure that these contacts are really interested? It is very simple, just use the double opt-in method, which allows you to filter who is really interested in your business from those who are not: sometimes users make mistakes and subscribe to your mail without having read the terms and conditions, or without really understanding what you do.

There is also something else to take into consideration: there are users who are registered by third parties, a procedure that is often illegal, and which results in a large number of spam reports.

What is double-opt in? How is it different from single opt-in?

Before explaining what double opt-in is, you need to know that there is another way to subscribe to a mailing list called single opt-in: it’s a very simple procedure, with just one click to confirm the data entered in the registration form and the interest in receiving communications.

The double opt-in provides one more step for confirmation: after completing the form and submitting the registration request, a confirmation email is automatically sent requiring the user to click on a link or a button contained in the email confirming the registration.

This method allows you to build a high engagement rate in a mailing list. This is also called engagement a key factor in email marketing, which makes this method one favored by experts.

How to use double opt-in

If you want to find new contacts with which to develop a relationship of trust, then Emailchef is for you: try our registration form editor! Its strength is simplicity, it can be used by anyone and allows you to create custom forms.

Thanks to our editor you can choose the method of registration (single opt-in or double opt-in), and you can also add a welcome or thank you message via email.

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