Email marketing 5 mistakes to avoid in 2019

Email marketing: 5 mistakes to avoid in 2019

If you want your email marketing to be successful, avoid making these mistakes in 2019!

Making mistakes in email marketing can be expensive: the rate your campaigns are open may drop significantly, you will not be able to generate conversions, and in the end, you risk not achieving your goals.

How to avoid this apocalyptic scenario? Just follow the advice of our blog, Emailchef Academy! If you want to be successful with email marketing, here are 5 mistakes to avoid in 2019.

1 – Not complying with the GDPR

Is there still someone who does not know what GDPR is? Since May 2018 all companies operating within the EU and those operating in the EU market must comply with a series of new rules, which concern the collection, storage and use of personal data and information of users and customers.

There is no longer any gray area in which to operate now: if the law is not respected, there will be severe penalties.

2 – Sending too many emails

Even if your contacts want to receive your emails, this does not mean that you have to send them a ton! The right amount depends on the type of company and the purpose of communication: there are those who send an email a day and there are those who send one a week or once a month, but nobody should send too many emails to a recipient.

The risk you take is receiving a very, very high cancellation rate.

3 – Not using a preheader

The preheader is a text displayed after the subject of an email, which provides additional information about the content. Its purpose is to convince the user to open the email.

The most advanced email marketing software, such as Emailchef, allows you to customize this field, in order to communicate more effectively with recipients.

What happens if you use a platform that does not allow you to fill out the preheader? The first lines of the email are used automatically, this sometimes has disastrous effects, which can express a certain untidiness in communications: “Look at this email on your browser”; “Click here to visit the page”, “Dashboard – offers – events”, etc. These texts do not create interest in the content and can discourage clients from opening your emails, which will damage your opening rate.

If you want to know how to make the best use of the preheader, try taking a look at our guide, you can find it here.

4 – Sending emails with non-responsive layouts

Now this should be the ABC for those working in email marketing, but not everyone is aware of it yet: emails with non-responsive layouts are no longer effective!

Today and more so in the future, most communications are seen first on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, so it is essential to create emails optimized for these layouts.

In addition to the responsive layout, another wise choice is to write content in a mobile-first perspective, this way you have a greater possibility of reaching all your clients.

5 – Sending emails containing only a single image

Graphically they can be attractive but unfortunately, they are not appreciated by spam filters: emails containing only a single image should be avoided in 2019!

The complex mechanisms of mailboxes try to understand the emails content, to determine if it is harmful or not. If an email contains only a single image (no matter how amazing the image is), the spam filters will activate. Because without any text to analyze, the email will be marked as potentially harmful.

When designing emails, always remember to alternate text and images.


In conclusion

You’ll get better results thanks to these best practices, but that’s not all: you’ll also need simple, reliable and intuitive email marketing software. You will need Emailchef!

The best email marketing software is here: try it for free, you won’t need to provide any billing information.


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