tips to improve the text of your email campaigns

3 Tips to Improve the Your Email Campaign Copy

Here are 3 simple tips for writing effective emails!

Are you still waiting for your email marketing efforts to pay off? Emailchef Academy is here to help you reach your goals with 3 simple tips to improve your email marketing copy.

With our tips you can create effective, original, and engaging messages.

Start here to avoid beginner’s mistakes.

1 – Write a subject line that captures attention

According to an often quoted research, an average user receives about 100 emails every day. This means that we are constantly bombed with messages. (Luckily some of them end up in SPAM!).

The competition to stand out might seem tough, but you don’t need to worry: with a well-written subject line you can land a higher opening rate for your email campaigns.

The subject comes right before the preheader and is the first thing in your email that the recipient reads. It’s what determines whether they open the message or ignore it. So avoid being vague or generic: no one will care for a message that starts with a pushy sales slogan.

Always ask yourself what the recipient wants to read in order to be motivated to open the email.

Here is an example of an effective subject: “Increase your conversions with the segmentation tool.” It is easy to understand and it’s also interesting for an audience of marketers.

Why does it work? First, it’s specific. That makes it stand out and reveal the content of the email clearly. Second, the copy is written in the language of a specific group of users I’m talking to: “Increase your conversions” is part of the daily language of email marketers. Third, it indicates at a first glance the topic the email will address, and advances a solution to what could be an issue for some readers.

Try to imagine an alternative scenario. Would you open an email with a generic subject line like “Email marketing tool” or “Improve your email marketing experience”? Probably not, right? Maybe you would delete it… if you noticed it at all.

2 – Say “hello” at the beginning and “thank you” at the end

Successful emails can overcome recipient’s indifference and create a bond with the reader. How? By beginning with a simple greeting.

Of course there are many types of greetings, but the most effective mention the name of the reader. Luckily for you, Emailchef lets you create email campaigns that send a personalized greeting to each of your recipients with the help of the custom fields.

If your recipient’s name is Mark, for example, you’re more likely to attract his attention by starting your email with “Dear Mark” than a dull “Dear friend”. These types of messages are highly appreciated by users.

Finally, remember to always end with a spontaneous greeting or thanks. You can use the custom fields here too.

Don’t limit yourself to just saying “thank you”, though. Always try to explain why you are thanking the reader to get them more involved and make your message more effective: “Thank you for your attention.” “Thank you for reading this email.” “We thank you for your time,” etc.

There is a big difference between “Thank you” and something like “Thank you. Your opinion is very important to us.” The second message communicates appreciation for an action or quality of the reader. It shows your empathy.

3 – Keep your emails brief

Boredom is the greatest enemy of attention. And what in email marketing causes boredom? Long emails. And long emails feel even longer when read on a smartphone.

Focus on the first 3 sentences. This is the key to catching the attention of recipients. Try to be simple, concise, and direct in communicating the purpose of your email. Avoid beating about the bush. Just get straight to the point.

Of course, you can write more than three lines. For example if you want to advertise an offer, you might have to specify the conditions. But the same good practice applies: even beyond the first three sentences, don’t string it out. Use exactly the words and phrases you need for immediate understanding and avoid repeating yourself.

To sum up

Keeping in mind a few key points could be enough to improve the copy of your email campaigns:

  • A non-trivial subject line;
  • Greetings and thanks to the reader;
  • Clear and concise copy.

Words (and images) are your main tool for landing conversions.

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