5 tips for an effective email marketing strategy

5 tips for an effective email marketing strategy

Reach your goals thanks to our advice on improving your email marketing strategy

By now everybody knows: email marketing is the most effective way to communicate and one that allows a higher return on investment (ROI).

We have already talked about the main benefits. Today we want to help you understand how to improve your email marketing strategy so you can achieve your goals.

Are you ready? Here are 5 tried and tested tips to make your email campaigns even more effective!

1 – Avoiding spam is a primary importance

Maybe you do not know, but 53% of emails sent are seen as spam according to data collected by Symantec in ISTR of April 2017.

So how do you make sure that the campaigns sent, arrive at their destination?

First, make sure that the recipients have given explicit consent to receive your emails: if someone does not remember or is doubtful, it is very likely that they will report your email as spam. The problem with this is that it will compromise your deliverability.

The best solution to making sure that every contact in your mailing list wants to receive your emails is to use a double opt-in system, which can ensure higher conversion rates for your campaigns.

2 – Include links to secure sites and compelling CTAs

The main purpose of many email campaigns is to increase traffic to a website or a landing page, often created ad hoc.

If the recipients are not encouraged to click on your link, then the visits to your site will not increase, nor your profits.

To ensure that your emails are really effective, you will need to think of an attractive call to action (CTA), which can attract the attention of the recipient. They have to be appealing, with relevant and exciting content: without this type of link, it will be very difficult to entice the user to complete the CTA.

3 – Your templates must be mobile responsive

In Italy there are about 31 million people who access the Internet every day from mobile devices: this means that more and more emails are opened and read with smartphones and tablets.

If you want to create effective email campaigns, you must take this into account, because it is increasingly important to create content that can be accessed by mobile devices.

How to adapt email campaigns to smartphones and tablets? Just three simple measures are enough:

  • use responsive mobile templates, which can automatically adaptto any mobile screen size;
  • write short, concise and direct texts, because whoever opens a mobile email does not have the slightest desire to read long pages;
  • design the layout of email campaigns to place the CTA in evidence, without having to force users to scroll down to find it, because they probably will not!

4 – Use autoresponders (email marketing automation)

Autoresponders, also called automations or email marketing automation, are email campaigns programmed to be sent automatically when an event occurs, or when a certain behavior of the user occurs.

For example, if your contact’s birthday is present in your mailing list, you could automatically send them a greeting message and maybe a discount coupon: just create an autoresponder on Emailchef.

Autoresponders are among the best ways to retain customer loyalty, both because they reach the user on time and they apply to something that has just happened and is closely connected.

Another example is if a customer has placed a product in the shopping cart of your eCommerce site, but left before completing the purchase, with Emailchef you can automatically send an email that reminds them of the abandoned cart.

5 – Segment your contact lists

Did you collect your contacts via double opt-in? Well! There is still one thing to do though… Segment your list!

This operation is essential to identifying a specific target for your campaigns and autoresponders: it is much easier to create an compelling content for a specific group of recipients, then to try emailing all the contacts of a mailing list, with the same content.

The more specific you are, the more likely you are to hit the target and convince the reader to follow your advice.

If you do not use segments, it’s useless to create specific content and rely on email marketing: your emails will be lost among dozens of other emails that your recipient receives, because they will be too general and will not really leave their mark.

Segmenting helps you better understand who you are targeting and allows you to get more conversions. Do you want to know how to do it? Read our guide about segmenting subscribers to a mailing list.

In conclusion

Do you want your email marketing to be really effective? In addition to implementing our advice, you will also need to choose a software that sends reliable newsletters, with the most advanced features, but is also easy to use.

The best choice is Emailchef: with a low cost, you will have the best online software for email marketing. Try it now, it costs nothing!


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