3 modi per migliorare il tasso di conversione delle tue email - 3 Ways to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Emails

3 Ways to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Emails

Improving the Conversion Rate of Your Emails is Really Simple: Just Follow Our Advice!


The conversion rate is one of the most important metrics in email marketing. You really should be monitoring it constantly to keep it as high as you can.

In another post we explained what the conversion rate is and why it is so important. Now we want to explain how to improve it.

Here are 3 tried and tested tips to easily improve your conversion rate.

Let’s begin!


1 – Adopt the Double Opt-In System

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: if you want to create a really effective mailing list, nothing beats the double opt-in system. But what is it?

Double opt-in is a way of creating a list of contacts who are really interested in your content, without sacrificing respect for privacy and GDPR. It means sending a confirmation email to a user who has just subscribed to a newsletter, inviting them to certify their real interest.

It sounds simple. It’s also essential. You need to verify that the email address entered in the form is correctly written and belongs to the user.

Adopting the double opt-in also delivers a number of other important advantages:

  • Improves deliverability by significantly lowering spam reporting;
  • Creates a database with genuinely interested contacts. These are people who have consciously chosen to subscribe to your mailing list and have confirmed their desire;
  • Increases engagement with recipients. A double opt-in list lets you communicate effectively to a selected and non-random audience.


2 – Create Email Campaigns Optimized for Mobile

More and more people are using their smartphones as their first choice for accessing the Internet. In March 2017, 9.3 million people in Italy used mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to connect to the Web, beating for the first time the 9.1 million who connected with a PC.

You need to optimize your emails for both smartphone and tablet, and you need to do it now. It’s how your messages are most likely to be read.

To create effective email campaigns even on mobile, you need to:

  • Use modular structures that are easier to see and load;
  • Choose a very readable font in a large size;
  • Highlight calls to action and links, so that they are easier to click;
  • Keep the subject line shorter than 35 characters;
  • Use the preheader to help recipients understand the purpose of the email and capture their interest.


3 – Use Autoresponders to Automate Email Campaigns

Ever heard of autoresponders or automations for email marketing? They’re both automated email campaigns, sent automatically in response to an event or a user’s behavior.

The events that generate the emails are called “triggers” and they can include:

  • Clicks on a link or a form subscription;
  • The display of a Web page;
  • Downloading or uploading content;
  • Purchasing a product or service;
  • Nothing at all! You can send automatic emails to inactive customers to rebuild their interest.

But how can autoresponders help you improve your conversion rate? By sending follow-up emails automatically that are perfectly in tune with the action of the recipient.

Your communications will be more relevant and timely.


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