3 Tips for Writing Effective Order Confirmation Emails - 3 consigli per scrivere email di conferma d’ordine efficaci

3 Tips for Writing Effective Order Confirmation Emails

Here’s how to write more effective order confirmation emails in just 3 steps!

The importance of writing good order confirmation emails is undervalued. You might think that there are more important messages to focus on, but for eCommerce, an order confirmation is one of the most important messages you’ll send.

With an opening rate eight times higher than normal campaigns, you can be sure those messages will be read!

That’s too valuable an opportunity to waste. Order confirmation emails don’t just help you to retain customers, they can also increase your sales by as much as 33%!

Here are 3 tips for writing effective order confirmation emails:


Write Personal Emails

Emailchef allows confirmation emails to be set as autoresponders, or “automations.” But automatic does not have to mean robotic.

Companies that communicate effectively try to create a relationship with their customers. They personalize their messages, leveraging their readers’ emotions.

Emailchef’s custom fields let you automatically add a name, surname, order number and other recipient data, giving a more human touch to your communications and personalizing your content.

Remember, however, that the message’s contents, its images and text, can make the difference between a successful email and one that’s ignored. Confirmation emails must reflect the philosophy and values of your company, and should carry your company’s distinctive tone of voice.


2 – Recommend Products and Offers

Order confirmation emails are a potential goldmine for an ecommerce company because they can generate additional transactions while retaining customers.

Anyone can benefit, from small stores to outlets as large as Amazon. Any business can encourage purchases by recommending products and offers in their confirmation emails.

It is no coincidence that so many successful eCommerce businesses adopt this strategy. About a third of the revenue of online stores comes from purchase confirmation emails containing suggested products.

But you’ve got to be quick. Timing is important, so it is not a good idea to write each reply by hand. You’ll miss your chance.

Fortunately, Emailchef autoresponders can help, letting you set up autoresponders—messages created and sent automatically when a user makes a purchase.

As soon as someone purchases a product from your eCommerce site, they’ll receive an email confirming the order and offering advice for their next purchase.

You could also highlight your site’s best-selling products, or items with the highest number of positive reviews. You’ll be able to show that you already have satisfied customers and that your goods are popular.


3 – Encourage Word of Mouth

An order confirmation doesn’t have to only address your recipient. Everything you do, even the smallest piece of communication, can generate a positive echo that can attract new customers.

This type of email can be a good way to generate word of mouth, especially if you enter discount codes. They’ll motivate your customers to make a new purchase immediately, or to talk about your ecommerce site with relatives and friends, convincing them to buy your products.

Remember, there’s no better advertising than a satisfied customer. One great way to make a consumer feel pampered is to send them an order confirmation email with discount codes.



If you want to write and send effective order confirmation emails, you need more than creativity to make sure that your messages generate new transactions. You also need an excellent email marketing platform, equipped with advanced features such as custom fields and autoresponders.

Emailchef has everything you need to create the best order confirmation emails: start a free trial now and watch your ecommerce take off!


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