come si calcolala il tasso di conversione delle campagne email

What is the conversion rate of email campaigns and how do you calculate it?

Here’s how to calculate the conversion rate of your email campaigns and measure their success

As you study the statistics generated by your email campaigns, you will come across the conversion rate. It’s a very important and very useful metric to understand the effectiveness of the emails you’ve sent.

What exactly is the conversion rate of email campaigns?
It’s the percentage of recipients who clicked on the link contained in your email campaign and completed a call to action.

It’s a simple concept but incredibly useful. It reveals the impact that your communications have had on your recipients.

So how is this very important metric obtained?
We make a simple calculation. We divide the number of recipients who act on the CTA by the total number of emails successfully delivered, then multiply the result by 100 to reach the percentage.

The formula is very simple. You can check it out below!


how to calculate conversion rate of email marketing


How to read conversion rates

Conversion rates are closely linked to the goals of an email marketing campaign and its industry. An email that tries to sell a cosmetic product will not have the same conversion rate as an email that tries to generate estimates for an insurance policy. As the goal and the industry change, so the way we read the data has to change too.

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