What is email marketing? Definition and advantages

What is email marketing? Definition and advantages

Here is a brief definition of email marketing and what are its main advantages

More and more businesses large and small are using email marketing. It is a simple and fast way to create engaging and effective communications.

If you’re wondering what email marketing is or what its advantages are, you’re in the right place: here you’ll find the best answers to these questions!


Definition of email marketing

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing – that is, aimed at reaching customers without intermediaries. This method is based on using emails to get in touch with a specific target. This is called DEM marketing or Direct Email marketing.

It is, therefore, an excellent channel for a company or a freelancer, because it allows you to establish a direct and unique relationship with your client. Email marketing allows you to create customized messages to attract the recipient and push them to purchase a product or service, an important goal to achieve if you want to grow your business.

Let’s look at the main advantages together in detail!


The main advantages of email marketing

Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool, which guarantees numerous advantages to those who use it. Let’s find out which ones!


Easy to use, for anyone

You don’t need to be a communication expert to create newsletters: just choose a simple and intuitive email marketing platform, like Emailchef.
Create a template, segment a list, schedule campaigns and much more: all of this is within everyone’s reach, thanks to the work of our developers and our customer service.
Do you want to start making email marketing? Trust in Emailchef!


Create personalized messages for your customers

Email marketing is the most effective way to promote your company because it allows the sending of personalized content to each recipient: in this way the message is more engaging for the reader and will be more effective.
With Emailchef it will be possible to create the perfect newsletter, which could influence the contacts in your list thanks to precise information.
Thanks to our personalized fields, the system will fill in the data contained in the user profile of every email, to make them much more personal and less intrusive.
Instead of writing “Dear User” you can greet the recipient by calling him/her by name, or name the place where he/she lives. It gives emails a more personal touch.
This is all possible thanks to the high degree of email campaign customization offered by Emailchef.


It’s cost-effective and worth it!

Email marketing is within everyone’s reach! It is one of the most economical forms of communication and, among other things, it allows a very high Return On Investment (ROI): over 124%!
Communicating through email is much cheaper than many other classic channels, such as social networks or search engine ads.
If you want to promote yourself professionally, but you have limited resources, email marketing is the solution!
Take a look at the Emailchef price list: with a small investment you can increase your turnover.


Summing up

There is no other way to give you such a high return on investment: email marketing is the perfect tool for companies, freelancers, communication agencies, etc.

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’ve seen its potential too, so do not be afraid: try our free trial and see how simple Emailchef really is!


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