Email Marketing Tips for Black Friday: Here is the Checklist!

Black Friday is coming: here are the tips to make the most of email marketing for the best sales season for online purchases.

Black Friday is an unmissable opportunity for anyone who sells products / services. Despite being born in the U.S.A. in fact, it has now become a worldwide event that people knows and expects with anxiety.

Email is the most powerful marketing tool during Black Friday and not using it means losing the opportunity to increase sales at a time when clients are sensitive and ready to buy.

Here is a checklist to build an absolutely perfect Black Friday email campaign:

1. Create a consistent sequence of emails

From now until November 23rd, when Black Friday 2018 will take place, you need to create and send a smart sequence of 4/6 emails: during this period, recipients are used to receiving many newsletters and their tolerance threshold is fortunately high.
Here are some useful examples to take into account:

Your Black Friday preview: send the first newsletter with a preview of the products you will discount. It will serve to rise expectation among your contacts and create an engagement for future mailings;

You can not miss it: send one or more emails with your most popular products and discounts that will be applied. If there is a particular way to access to the discounts this is the best time to explain it;

Buy your Christmas gifts with the  Black Friday discounts: suggest to your contacts to buy their Christmas gifts with discount: people love to save money and buy gifts: it will be the perfect match.

2. Choose the right graphics

Go immediately to the point by always highlighting:

  •    the benefit that customers will get for buying your products;
  •    the discounted price;
  •    and the call to action buttons must be always visible.

The color of Black Friday is obviously black (which fortunately goes well with  everything)! Use it to personalize your banners.

Alternatively, remember that on Emailchef you will find the Black Friday templates that we have prepared for this season, they have been uploaded to your account in the “drag & drop template” section.

3. Be careful with the subject of the email

Black Friday is not the excuse to write spam subjects.
Always avoid uppercase, and forget about to wRiTe iN t-H-i-S-w-A-y to get you noticed;

Limit the use of words like offer, discount, free, promo if you want to stay away from the Promotions folders of the most common mailboxes.

Remember that you will not be the only one sending  this kind of emails and in this case, creativity will play an important role to get good open rates.

4. Reward your recipients

Thanks to Emailchef you have the possibility to create segments based on how many campaigns have been opened or clicked. So you can create a segment only with those who have opened ALL of your emails concerning the  Black Friday. That means they are the most loyal: so you may want to reward them.

Send them a gift card to buy or give them a present: it will encourage them to open your next campaigns and will retain loyalty on your recipients, who will be more willing to buy your products.

5. Unity is strength

Promote your offers in all of your online and offline channels: engage your customers on social media and in-store by inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter in order to receive a preview of the offers that you will have for the Black Friday and more!

Use our Facebook App for Subscription or the classic Subscription forms and promote them in all of your channels.

6. Remember to say thanks

We often tend to forget about those who have just given us their confidence and have shown interest. Stand out from the crowd and send a nice thank you email just a few hours away from their purchase.

If you want to, you can make it more interesting by sending a coupon for a future purchase or a discount that they can forward to a friend.

It’s time to start! Follow these hints
and create your Black Friday newsletters!



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