Email marketing per eCommerce qual è il plugin giusto

Email marketing for eCommerce: what is the right plugin?

Sending emails automatically is the turning point for your online store

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Email marketing is the secret ingredient of any successful eCommerce platform: without it, the communication is inadequate and it takes longer for the sales to take off.

Is it really that important? Of course, because email marketing is economic, quick and simple, and it’s able to increase sales and enforce customer loyalty.

Any serious online store sends – or it should – these communications:

  • Notice for abandoned carts,
  • Welcome email,
  • Birthday messages and Holiday wishes,
  • Cross-selling and up-selling purchase offers,
  • Feedback requests.

To make all of this possible, three elements are necessary:

  1. an eCommerce platform to sell goods or services on the Internet,
  2. an online email marketing platform that supports autoresponders (automations) for eCommerce;
  3. a plugin that connects the online store with the email marketing software.


Autoresponders are necessary for your e-commerce!

If you want to cook a tasty recipe for email marketing, you need to link your online store with Emailchef and create autoresponders, in other words, emails that are automatically sent by the email platform when a specific event occurs in your store.

How do autoresponders work? Let’s take a look to this example:

Mark has an eCommerce that sells organic herbal teas. He activated an autoresponder for abandoned carts with a special template that informs his clients when a product may not be longer available soon. When a client goes to Mark’s online store and add an item to the cart but does not complete the order, after 2 hours the customer will automatically receive the programmed template with an invitation to finish the purchase before the product runs out.

Simple, easy, instant.
It is possible to program the automatic sending of emails according to different types of customers behavior, creating specific messages that are sent when customers abandon the cart, if they buy a certain product, or if they place an order higher than a certain amount, and much more.

Autoresponders are a real blessing for eCommerce, and if it’s combined with a well thought out strategy, you can get amazing results such as:

  • Increase in sales,
  • Increase of customer loyalty,
  • Generation of new leads and conversion to potential customers,
  • Reactivation of inactive users.

All of this is generated with the exchange of data between the online store and Emailchef.
But how do these two platforms communicate? At this point, another fundamental element comes into play: the Emailchef eCommerce plugin.


Your eCommerce needs a plugin for email marketing

In order to connect your online store with an email marketing system you will need the right plugin, it must developed from an API.
This is often a long and complex work, for this reason many are created by expert programmers, but this involves a high cost and it’s not for everyone.
What to do then to get an email marketing plugin that works with your online store without spending a fortune?

With Emailchef you will have everything you need for free! You got it right, you will not have to do anything at all: the hard work has already been done by our programmers!
Our platform provides free plugins for the most popular eCommerce platforms:

If you already have an Emailchef account, you can configure the plugin that suits your needs with just a few step: click here to find out how.

If you have an online store and you are not registered yet in Emailchef, do it now! Click here and start creating autoresponders that increase your sales!

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