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Holidays Newsletter 50 Subject Lines - Newsletter di natale 50 esempi di oggetto per una campagna email efficace

Holidays Newsletter: 50 Subject Lines to Boost Open Rate

Get more opens and conversions thanks to these 50 subject examples for an effective email campaign

The holidays are very close and everyone has already started looking for their gifts: this is the perfect time to offer a solution to a potential customer, perhaps suggesting a product or service.

There are those who have already begun to look for gifts at the different eCommerce sites, and there are even some who expect to receive an advice on what to buy: everyone is more likely to listen and buy in this period, so if help your customers to choose, you may increase your profits!

Do not wait too long to send your Holiday email campaigns, in fact everyone is more receptive to promotional messages after Black Friday.

In order to help you with this period full of possibilities, we decided to collect 50 subject lines to boost open rate in your Holiday newsletter, all already tested and perfect for the B2B, B2C and non-profit sectors.

Surely they will serve you as a starting point to create another Subject lines for the Holiday season!

PS: Instead of … you could add the name of your product / service.


  • Christmas Greetings Email Templates 2020

  • Christmas Greetings Email Templates 2020

  • Christmas Greetings Email Templates 2020

  • Christmas Greetings Email Templates 2020

  • Christmas Greetings Email Templates 2020

  • Christmas Greetings Email Templates 2020

  • Christmas Greetings Email Templates 2020

  • Christmas Greetings Email Templates 2020

Ideas, Phrases, and Templates for Sending Christmas Greetings




Subject for B2C email

  1. 3 reasons why you need … this Holiday!
  2. 10 recipes for your Holidays or New Year’s eve menu
  3. Share a little joy with …
  4. Hurry up! There are only a few days left to buy … at a special price
  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! Santa Claus is coming!
  6. All she wants for Holidays is …
  7. Share the magic of Holidays: give … to those you love the most
  8. You cannot miss these offers!
  9. 7 perfect gift ideas for him
  10. Making a gift is simpler: free shipping + discounted gift box
  11. Our best offers for Holidays
  12. 5 wines to taste while you prepare an holiday dinner
  13. Holidays is here: 12 tips for your business
  14. A special gift for a special customer
  15. Weekend Weather Forecast: a shower of gifts for you
  16. Are you afraid of the queues? Shopping without stress on …
  17. The temperatures are always going down, like our prices!
  18. There is still time for your Holidays purchases
  19. Give yourself a gift for Holidays
  20. Only for the next 3 days: 30% discount on …
  21. The best destinations to travel this Holidays
  22. Here is the top 10 of Holidays presents
  23. The perfect last-minute gift exists: here is …
  24. Save 20% using our Holidays coupon
  25. Giving is better than receiving: up to 50% discount on …
  26. 6 fantastic gift ideas for you and your friends
  27. Have you already sent your letter to Santa?
  28. On your wishlist you can not miss …
  29. A gift for a person who has everything
  30. Santa has arrived and brought a present for you
  31. A Holidays present for our members only
  32. Psst! Do you know how to get a gift from …?
  33. Share the magic of the holidays with your family

Subject for B2B email

  1. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from …
  2. Stressed by parties? Here are 5 tips to survive the Holidays
  3. Create Holiday cards and organize events with …
  4. Be the star of these Holidays: choose …
  5. Your last chance to save on time before the holidays
  6. On Holidays we are all better: a special coupon for you
  7. The team of … wishes you Happy Holidays!

Subject for non-profit email

  1. Holidays make better people: give a gift to …
  2. Today is the perfect day to make a gift
  3. Gifts that are good and make you feel good
  4. The best gifts are those for the others
  5. A small contribution, a great support for …
  6. Holidays are coming and … needs your help!
  7. There is nothing more precious than your support
  8. Your generosity is the best gift ever
  9. We have big projects for 2019: make a donation to …
  10. Change the life of … with a small gift

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