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  • 7 Reasons to Avoid MailChimp in 2019

    7 Reasons to Avoid MailChimp in 2019

    In May 2019, MailChimp told its users about its new commercial policies. The Atlanta-based company aims to become an “all-in-one marketing platform.” But what does this mean for the email marketing service?

  • 10 Email marketing statistics in 2019

    10 email marketing statistics in 2019

    In the era of social media, companies continue to make significant marketing investments in Facebook, Instagram, and on other channels. The competition is intense and the background noise is very high. So have social networks replaced “old” newsletters as the Web’s main marketing tool?

  • advantages of double opt-in

    The 3 main advantages of double opt-in

    Se vuoi creare un modulo o form di registrazione, il double opt-in è il metodo migliore da adottare: a lungo andare permette di ottenere grandi vantaggi, tra cui un maggior tasso di coinvolgimento e minor numero di segnalazioni per spam.

  • 5 Great ideas to personalize your emails

    5 Great Ideas to Personalize Your Emails

    Personalization is one of the simplest and most useful tools in the field of email marketing: it allows you to enter into harmony with the reader immediately, to help make your promotional activity more effective.

  • What is inbound marketing

    What is inbound marketing?

    Do you want to promote your business and make new contacts? Then you should know what inbound marketing is and how it can help you find new customers because it will help you increase your earnings and optimize your advertising investments.

  • what is a hard bounce

    What is a hard bounce?

    The term “hard bounce” is quite common in email marketing, but not everyone knows its meaning: today eMailChef Academy will explain to you what it is and what causes this type of problem

  • Email marketing 5 mistakes to avoid in 2019

    Email marketing: 5 mistakes to avoid in 2019

    Making mistakes in email marketing can be expensive: the number of openings and conversions of your campaigns could collapse, but even worse you may not reach your goals. If you want to succeed, avoid these oversights!

  • What's Double Opt-In

    Email Marketing: What’s Double Opt-In?

    The secret of the success of many email marketing professionals is double opt-in. Do you want to know what it is and how it works? This will be revealed by eMailChef Academy, the definitive blog on email marketing!