Email marketing automation

Email marketing automation
Setting autoresponders and transactional emails is a handy way to streamline your email marketing campaigns. Emailchef lets you automatically configure sent emails according to a particular trigger event. After having created the email just like any other newsletter, you can program to send it when a given action or event happens.
You can choose among:
  • when any link in a campaign is clicked
  • the opening of a campaign
  • the click on a specific link on a campaign
  • the subscription moment
  • the user’s anniversary date
  • a contact enters a specific segment
Then all you need to do is choose the list of recipients who will receive your email, and set the sending time (for instance immediately after the trigger event, or later). The last details are identical to a normal newsletter. After having configured the autoresponder, Emailchef will take care of the whole delivery process. When the selected event takes place, our service is going to send the email and produce immediately a connected report. No need to check again.