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Have you always wanted a tailor-made template for your campaign, but you know nothing about HTML? You should definitely try our template Creator software: MailStyler.
As long as you’ll have a eMailChef active subscription, you’ll be able to export your template to your account with every feature included in MailStyler Basic.

With this amazing newsletter building software, you can compose bulletproof email layouts without writing a single line of HTML code. All you need is a quick series of drag-and-drops.
Any image that you add to your template will be uploaded directly in the cloud, with just a single click. You can also choose from our wide image library for anything you’ll need.
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No need to subscribe to our service: the free software will be downloaded immediately.

Unlike ordinary online template builders, we have decided to offer you a dedicated software to ensure a greater stability and a much wider range of features. Plus, since it’s a desktop application, it’s fastest than any other tools when it comes to manage images and boxes.