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Do you want a tailor-made template for your email marketing campaign… but know nothing about HTML? It’s a common problem. And Emailchef can help. With our powerful and easy-to-use drag & drop editor, you can create professional and elegant newsletters that are perfectly responsive on all devices and email clients in just a few steps.
Drag&drop editor
You won’t need to touch a line of code, and it doesn’t matter if you have no experience in email design. Our editor is simple to use, clear, and intuitive.
  • For all users – especially those in a hurry! – there is a wide variety of attractive newsletter templates available and ready-to-use. With a few clicks you can complete and send the email and, thanks to the editor, change the layout;
  • Alternatively, you can customize a template and create your own tailored emails. The Emailchef drag & drop editor gives you a wide selection of blocks and adaptable elements too choose from. Each block contains elements that can be modified, removed, and moved. You can add new blocks such as texts, images, calls to action and more, and customize each element. Thanks to the careful work of our graphic designers, the list of blocks is continuously enriched;
  • And if you really want to test your creativity, the editor also allows you to change the structure of newsletters. Start with an empty layout and add all the elements you want. (And if you do know code, you can even change the CSS/HTML.)
To create your newsletter, simply drag and drop the blocks containing the elements into the work space (or canvas). With the Emailchef editor, you can freely edit the design and format texts, links, images, and other elements. Preview your work at any time to see how it will be displayed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The Emailchef newsletter template creator also contains an integrated Photo Editor that lets resize and crop images intuitively and without ever having to open another image editing program. You will be able to add frames and stickers, apply filters and have fun while creating successful email marketing campaigns. Watch this short video presentation to understand why Emailchef is the right choice to create your personalized newsletters.
[EN] How to create responsive layout emails with our drag & drop editor
The newsletter templates and any uploaded images will be saved in the cloud space that comes with your Emailchef subscription. You’ll be able to reuse or modify your model, improving the effectiveness of your campaigns.