Advanced, real-time reports

Advanced real-time reports
Email marketing is all about continuous improvement: you try a solution, you find out where you can refine it (or change it completely), you test it, and in the end you perform better. To do that, of course, is essential to get accurate statistics about all the most relevant metrics of each email campaign. Which is precisely what Emailchef provides. Emailchef provides two powerful tools:
  1. Campaign reports (and autoresponders’), with all the metrics you need to analyze the results;
  2. Detailed interaction feeds of each individual contact.

1. Campaign reports

[EN] Introducing Campaign Reports
Our advanced reporting tools are here to help you understand how your newsletters are doing, and how to improve them. Right after having sent the campaign you will start getting data about your:
  • delivery rate
  • open rate
  • click-through rate
  • unsubscribe rate
  • bounce rate
  • spam complaints rate
All results are displayed with handy pie charts, so to grasp immediately the email performance. But you can also check all single addresses, one by one, to see for instance who exactly opened your message and when. In short: all the interactions made by the users are carefully tracked to offer you a complete control over any mailings.
Reports - Cake graphs
Thanks to the high level of detail in the statistics, it is possible to follow the chronological progress of the campaigns, identifying the days and hours in which the recipients of the email interact with the newsletter. The click map shows immediately the success of each call to action contained in the message, making the work of measuring the effectiveness of the editorial strategy even easier.
Click map
There is more. A world map will show you the country distribution of those who open your newsletter,  in real time of course. The service is perfect for evaluating the effectiveness of an international campaign. In this way you will have a tool to understand if it is necessary to adapt your message depending on the country of the audience. Top countries by open You can also print the statistics of each email campaign or save them in PDF format with a cover and a summary. The report can be easily customized by choosing the sections you want to print. The document will then be ready to be used in company presentations or to be sent by email. The procedure explained in the video below also includes how to print (in PDF or on paper) the actual newsletter.
[EN] Print your campaign reports

2. Detailed Interactions Feed

Emailchef provides a detailed feed of the interactions of each contact with your newsletters and autoresponders. It’s a great help for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improving conversion rates. Each contact contains a tab showing their complete timeline, including the number of emails received, the opening rate, and link clicks. The information is updated in real time and shows all the links on which the user has clicked.
Contacts activities feed
The slider makes moving from one contact tab to the next within the same list very simple. This is where you can find the basic information of each contact, including:
  • Whether the contact was added by the account admin or through a registration form;
  • The date the contact joined the database;
  • IP address and geographical location;
  • Subscription status of the subscription: active; or unsubscribed.
The history of each contact can be filtered by the type of activity, such as the opening rate or the emails received. These can be immediately checked by clicking on a related campaign inside the timeline.
[EN] Monitor your contacs' detailed data