Advanced, real-time reports

Email marketing is all about constant improvement: you try a solution, you find out where you can refine it (or change it completely), you test it, and in the end you perform better. To do that, of course, is essential to get accurate statistics about all the most relevant metrics of each email campaign. Which is precisely what eMailChef provides.

Our advanced reporting tools are here to help you understand how your newsletters are doing, and how to improve them. Right after having sent the campaign you will start getting data about your:

  • delivery rate
  • open rate
  • click-through rate
  • unsubscribe rate
  • bounce rate
  • spam complaints rate

All results are displayed with handy pie charts, so to grasp immediately the email performance. But you can also check all single addresses, one by one, to see for instance who exactly opened your message and when. In short: all the interactions made by the users are carefully tracked to offer you a complete control over any mailings.