Emailchef Agency

Emailchef Agency
When you need to manage the email marketing campaigns of multiple clients, or if you want to offer a complete newsletter sending tool, Emailchef Agency has you covered.

One access point

Built for agencies and software houses, our agency program allows you to manage multiple accounts from a single access point through a dedicated control panel. Simplify your workflow: split your plan, assign credits to different accounts, and monitor their activity. You’ll always have everything you need in one place.

Your personalized email marketing platform

Emailchef Agency is the ideal partner for software houses and web agencies. With our “white label” option, you’ll be able to customize the platform, removing any reference to Emailchef. Set up a domain, add your logo, and change the colors of the application. You can align the interface to match your brand image. It’s like having a proprietary and personalized email marketing platform all of your own.

Different needs, different user profiles

By adding User Management to the agency panel, you can create up to five types of profile, with different permissions and authorizations:
  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Author
  • Viewer
Emailchef Agency is a vital tool for agencies, letting them share the workflow management of each customer individually.