Edit and send your campaign

edit and send campaign

Creating and editing a bulk email or a newsletter — in short, a campaign — is insanely simple with eMailChef. You’re free to choose among four different design options:

  • Choose a ready-made template from our collection
    We offer a great variety of email layouts — freely customizable — to help you pick up the right template for your campaign.
  • Start a new design from scratch.
    2. eMailChef provides a classic visual editor, a text-only editor, and an HTML editor.
  • Upload a pre-existing template from your computer or from the web.
    You can import either HTML or zipped files.
  • Download our Template Creator, an amazing dedicated newsletter building software.
    You will be able to compose an amazing layout in seconds with a simple series of drag-and-drops, and then upload it directly into our visual editor.

After having crafted the layout you are free to customize it adding your content and images, selecting a powerful subject line, and setting the sender name and address. Then all you need is to select the email list or segment that will receive the campaign, review the whole newsletter and hit Send (or schedule the mailing).

The process is guided step by step, and it’s our duty to inform you if you have missed something relevant: for instance the unsubscription link, or the subject line. All finalized campaigns can be also sent as a test to a selected address before the actual mailing; and we always recommend to run a spam scan to determine whether your design can be tweaked to avoid antispam filters.