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    Our all-new spooky Halloween templates are here!

    Pumpkins, witches and candies. It’s exactly what you need for Halloween! As every holiday, this is a great time to send emails to your subscribers. But how can you make your holiday communications stand out and scream “Boo!”?

  • non Acquistare una mailing list - 6 reasons to NOT buy a mailing list

    6 reasons to NOT buy a mailing list

    Comprare una mailing list è la cosa più sbagliata da fare! Se qualcuno ti ha detto che potenzia le tue campagne… quel qualcuno mente! Può solamente danneggiare il tuo lavoro e le tue finanze.

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    Discover how to make the most of your eMailChef account and monetize your email marketing campaigns!
    In the eMailChef blog you will find ideas for your templates, strategic advice and tips about email marketing, cooked especially for you by our experts.