5 Great ideas to personalize your emails

5 Great Ideas to Personalize Your Emails

Here are some ideas for personalizing your emails to increase the conversion rate

Personalization is one of the simplest and most useful tools in the field of email marketing: it allows you to enter into harmony with the reader immediately, to help make your promotional activity more effective.

Before going ahead, let’s take a brief moment to review, what we mean by customizing email campaigns and why this practice is so widespread.
When the text or visual content of an email is altered, to make it more appealing than a generic message, it means that a personalized marketing strategy is in place.

Why do many prefer to adopt this kind of approach? For results, because emails of this type generate more conversions than generic ones. It’s a more attractive way of communicating that takes full advantage of the potential of email messages.

Of course, you probably think that email marketing is more involved and demanding, well you are right, but it’s not as complicated as it seems: thanks to the Emailchef’s Custom Fields, you can decide which parameters to change within the email (name, location, offer, etc), the rest of the work will be done by our email marketing software, which will send each recipient a personalized email automatically.

You will never have to write or modify every single email to personalize it, Emailchef will do the dirty work for you, thanks to the data contained in your contact’s personal profile (name, email, registration date, etc).

Now that you know how easy it is to personalize your emails, here are some suggestions to create ad hoc campaigns for your contacts, in order to capture their attention and get more in tune with them.

1 – Call your contact by name

The first thing to do when it comes to personalizing an email is using the name of your contact: you can use it in the text, in the subject or in both places.

Which phrase sounds better to you: “Hi Marco, there is an important message for you”, or “There is a message for you”? Without a shadow of a doubt the first one is better, trust me, this is how the recipients perceive it.

2 – Adapt the content to the recipient gender

A simple, but very effective trick is to personalize emails according to the recipient’s gender: in the cosmetics and clothing sector, it definitely makes the difference – and not only in these areas!

Why create a single dull and equal email campaign for everyone that has products for both men and women? You could segment your contacts based on the genre, then create two different email campaigns: one with products for the fairer sex, the other dedicated to the men.

If by chance you don’t remember, or it’s not clear how to segment a mailing list, our guide will be very useful, you can read it here.

3 – Pay attention to the place and time zone

Depending on your needs, you might also consider segmenting your contacts based on where they come from: this is a very smart way to promote a brand with multiple stores, or if you want to advertise an event that takes place in a specific place.

Even time is a factor of primary importance: if your email marketing reaches international proportions, you must take into account the time zone of the recipient. If you want your emails to be open and read, you certainly don’t want to send them when your recipient can’t read them!

4 – Consider important dates

Once your contact has registered via a form, you will have various information at your disposal, including his date of birth: create an automated email campaign, also called an autoresponder, and celebrate their birthday with them! You could just wish them well, or take advantage of the opportunity to send them a coupon or an offer, in all cases it is a very personalized – and appreciated – experience for the recipient.

In addition to the date of birth, you can use the registration date on your site or service, to send them a personalized message saying thank you for choosing us and rewarding their loyalty with a discount or a gift.

5 – Send emails from real people

Try to make a radical change of perspective: as if personalization does not only concern the recipient, but also you?

Sending an email on behalf of a company denotes an impersonal, cold and anonymous communication. If your communications were sent by a real person they would have a greater impact on the recipient, they would also create greater empathy and could lead to an increase in the conversion rate.

Instead of saying that the message is from “Online Clothing Store X”, you could talk on behalf of “James, X Sales Officer”. If the contacts feel they have communicated with someone on your team, they will be more satisfied.

In conclusion

Customizing your email campaigns is a great way to increase the conversion rate. Thanks to our advice you will be able to create more engaging emails, that enter immediately in harmony with your recipients.

You will also need reliable email marketing software with ad hoc tools, such as custom fields and advanced segmentation, so we recommend Emailchef! Try it now without paying anything: if you register for a demo account you will not have to pay a penny, and you will be able to test all the main functions.


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