advantages of double opt-in

The 3 main advantages of double opt-in

Do you want to create a mailing list with a high engagement rate? Here are 3 reasons why you should use double opt-in

If you want to create a registration form, double opt-in is the best method to use: in the long run it allows you to get great benefits, including a higher engagement rate and fewer spam reports.

As we have already explained here, compared to single opt-in, this system requires an additional step to confirm the registration, a small difference that allows you to build a quality contact list.

Let’s see together which are the 3 main advantages guaranteed by double opt-in.

1 – Better involvement (engagement) and more conversions

In general, mailing lists created with double opt-in are less extensive than those based on single opt-in, but the quality of contacts is much higher, which means they can generate more conversions. What is the reason?

It’s very simple: people who consent twice to receive your communications are really interested in what you have to offer, so they will follow your email campaigns with more interest, pay more attention to your promotions and will be easier to retain.

When your contacts are more involved in the activities from your email marketing, the results also show it:

  • engagement above average,
  • greater number of openings,
  • more clicks and conversions.

2 – Better delivery rate and fewer bounces

The bounce rate is one of the metrics to pay more attention to: if it is too high it can have negative effects on your reputation, thus compromising your deliverability, or the ability to deliver emails.

The double opt-in also helps you in this case: it allows you to get a list of only verified contacts, which minimizes the bounce rate and increases the number of emails delivered.

3 – Better delivery rate and fewer bounces

Spam or abuse reports are a serious threat to the reputation of your IP address, fortunately, double opt-in can help you out here too.

If you have collected your contacts with this method, it means that you have received a double confirmation from them to send communications, so the recipients have knowingly agreed to receive them.

A well-informed contact will hardly choose to report your emails.

Thanks to the double opt-in method it is possible to trace and record every detail of the registrations, also allowing you to demonstrate the absence of spam and abuse in your communications – if needed.

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