Terms of Use

eMailChef is an email marketing platform intended to serve only legal purposes and to be used only with permissionbased contact lists. We have a zero-tolerance policy against any form of spam and illegal content.

You cannot use our service to send emails concerning or containing:

  • pornography
  • escort and dating services
  • online casinos
  • any illegal goods and services
  • gambling
  • financial management services
  • pharmaceutical products
  • mortgages
  • content or material that exploits children or minors
  • list rental or selling services
  • any kind of content or material infringing anyone’s rights
  • any offensive material that promotes prejudice, racism and violence
  • any type of virus, phishing, trojan, spyware and malware

More in general, we reserve the right to approve or not any type of prospect on the basis of his activity and needs. For the same reason, eMailChef can take some extra time to review your information in order to approve your account.

Also, since eMailChef works only with white-listed IPs and needs to keep its whole sending system clean and trusted, you cannot use our service to send any kind of unsolicited mass emails (spam).

Rented, purchased and third-party lists or emails harvested from the web are also not allowed: you can send messages only to permission-based contacts, obtained through an opt-in procedure (that is, only to people who willingly and clearle subscribe to your newsletter).

All actions of decompiling or reverse engineering our system and private information sharing and is also strictly prohibited.

Other conditions to use our system include:

  • not writing deceptive subject lines
  • always including an unsubscribe link in all sent emails and a link to your privacy policy
  • complying with the CAN-SPAM act (providing also a valid physical postal address to be added to your emails’ footer) and your local privacy laws
  • not using deceptive or misleading sender names or header information

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account in any moment if you do not meet our requirements or do any of the prohibited aforementioned actions. We also reserve the right to terminate our agreement with or without notice or cause.

You will not be refunded any amounts that have been paid towards the use of eMailChef in case of spam activity. However, you are the sole responsible and liable for any legal infringement.