How to send a bulk email

The only reliable way to send a bulk email – be it a transactional or marketing message, or a newsletter – is to opt for a dedicated email platform like Emailchef.

Mass emails can be an extraordinary way of advertising your product and connecting with your customers – provided, of course, that you’re doing them well. Which means: you must send only to users who have previously given their permission to receive your communications, and you must give them well designed and relevant content. In fact, still to many marketers think of bulk email like a “shot in the dark”: sending a message indiscriminately to a list of addresses, and that’s it.

But it’s not.

On the contrary, the only true mass email strategy implies first of all an adequate content strategy, based on a thorough knowledge of your customer base. That is, send relevant content to actual people, and not messages to addresses. This framework is crucial to set up and manage a professional bulk email campaign.

That said, and again, it’s extremely important to rely on a professional application like Emailchef when it comes to send bulk emails. Not only because Emailchef gives you an integrated platform where to create, edit and analyze all your mailings: but also, and even most importantly, because it’s the only way to ensure a correct delivery. Relying on a powerful and dedicated SMTP server, it ensures that any messages correctly land into the intended inbox.

Send a bulk email online thus becomes extremely easy and effective. With our advanced email platform – combined with a powerful SMTP service – you’ll be sure that all your messages correctly hit the target. Skyrocketing your email ROI.