Bulk email sender

A bulk email sender is a service that allows you to send multiple or mass emails to an unlimited number of recipients – the most typical example being newsletters. Of course, each recipient must have given his/her explicit permission – for instance via a web form – to send him/her a mass email: otherwise, it’d be spam. Also, it should that each bulk message is situated as a piece of a wider email marketing strategy: providing constantly fresh content to your users, thus building a true relationship with them.

Emailchef makes online bulk email sending a breeze: a quick and effective process, with the certainty of having all your messages correctly delivered. We offer different monthly plans to meet everyone’s mailing needs, from the small enterprise to the largest business.

But there’s much more, of course. Emailchef is a complete email marketing platform that also provides tools for:

  • HTML email creation. Our online bulk email sender comes with an easy-to-use Template Creator to build your own layout. To be sure you can also import an existing template and modify it, or buy a dedicated one.
  • Advanced list management. You will be able import contacts from various sources, create unlimited lists, add information details, erase doubled or misspelled addressed, segment each database to send tailor-made offers, etc.
  • Email tracking & analytics. No mass email strategy can improve without a careful data tracking and a thorough analysis of metrics such as the open rate, the click-through rate, the unsubscribers rate etc. Emailchef aggregates all this information in real-time giving making it insanely easy to understand how your campaigns are doing – and how to improve them.
  • Sign-up form design. To grow your list it’s imperative to put an effective and nice subscription form on your website. Emailchef provides a flexible drag-and-drop editor to do that in minutes either for opt-in forms or double opt-in ones.
  • Autoresponder management. Emailchef is not just a direct email marketing application; it can be used also to set and schedule transactional and event-triggered emails (generally called autoresponders).

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