Email marketing services: how to choose

The number of email marketing services that one can find around is huge. Which is not a surprise, since newsletters and email campaigns have been proving their value for a long time, ensuring the highest ROI of all digital communication tools.

But in such a complex landscape, it’s essential to understand what are the essential features that an email marketing platform should possess to be the best for your actual needs.

Emailchef provides a full set of email marketing services that range from the basic sending tool to the most advanced techniques of list segmentation and reporting. Thanks to its powerful SMTP server system, it ensures the best delivery rate for all messages – no matter how many recipients you have.

The scope of Emailchef is to provide the most complete and flexible newsletter platform, to help you create, edit, send and verify your campaign in minutes. Moreover, Emailchef provides the following advanced email marketing services:

  • an effective sign-up form editor to make your list grow quicker and safer;
  • a dedicated newsletter building software (Template Creator) that will skyrocket your email design;
  • a vast set of free HTML templates;
  • up-to-date resources and articles to learn how to make the most of your email campaign.

And much more. Sign in to the Emailchef dashboard now and try it for free.