The best email marketing service

The choice of a proper email marketing service is essential when you start a newsletter campaign. And among such a vast choice of different email marketing services, one should take some time to think of what features are really important for her own email strategy.

(Major factors to consider can be the dimension of your list, the number of newsletters you need to send per day/week, or also the flexibility in terms of template editing).

Anyhow, there are some basic requirements that the best email marketing service for your needs should always fulfill:

  • Ensure a rapid and effective email delivery.
    This is clearly a must-do for any professional email marketing platforms, no matter what: after all the final aim of your campaign is to deliver all messages to your contacts. In this sense you should verify the reliability of one email marketing service’s SMTP server; Emailchef uses the professional engine turboSMTP to ensure the highest deliverability.
  • Make it easy to manage and segment your contact lists.
    Importing email addresses, adding new custom fields and create segments (to send tailor-made offers) should be simple and intuitive, to avoid any complications or errors linked to databases (the worst being surely sending an offer to the wrong list…).
  • Include a handy newsletter editor.
    It’s very important to craft a proper newsletter template that both reflects your brand identity and follows all email creation best practices (first and foremost, the HTML coding). So a good email marketing service must provide flexible editing tools to make you design the best newsletter for your needs. In particular, Emailchef offers you an advanced Template Creator software, to build bulletproof layouts in seconds.
  • Provide advanced statistical tools.
    A good email marketing service provider mustn’t let you alone after a mailing: that is, it has to show all the relevant information linked to your email campaigns — open rates, click-through rates, number of unsubscriptions etc. — best if with neat charts. This will be extremely important to understand the qualities and problems of your marketing strategy, and improve it accordingly.

Emailchef provides all these services and much more, as a leading platform in the email marketing business. Sign in to the Emailchef dashboard now and try it for free.