Transactional email service

A transactional email service is a web application that allows to send transactional emails – i.e., individual messages triggered by a particular action (both taken by the user – for instance a subscription or a click – or intended by the marketer – for instance a recurring event, like the user’s birthday).

Good samples of transactional emails are confirmation messages, purchase receipts, thank-you emails, autoresponders, error alerts, etc. The crucial detail here is that these emails are automated: they are generated automatically by the service each time the triggering action takes place. And that’s also the reason why they have generally the highest open rates among all kind of direct messages.

Though primarily conceived to send classical marketing bulk emails, Emailchef ensures also an effective transactional email service. Its autoresponder system guarantees in fact the possibility to mail out automated and transactional messages in a breeze, simplifying a lot the management of the whole process.

You can set them on a number of different trigger events, such as an anniversary date, a subscription, the last click in a chosen email (to prepare for instance remarketing campaign), etc. Emailchef will take care of the rest, ensuring a quick and effective delivery of the relative transactional email. Of course, all automated messages can be tracked to analyze their metrics and in case tweak them to improve their conversion rate.