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Halloween Emails—New Templates Are Here

Halloween is almost here! The costumes are ready, the pumpkins are carved, and here at Emailchef our designers have created lots of great, new Halloween email templates.

You’ll be able to customize them and send them to your contacts. Sending a special, seasonal newsletter is the right way to amaze your audience and acquire new customers.

Email marketers know that Halloween is a rare opportunity to experiment with a specialized message. Halloween might be biggest in the USA, but it is now making a splash in other countries. Brands are seizing the opportunity to show off with a dedicated email marketing campaign.

Why Send a Halloween Email

Halloween is a great time to be creative. Even the most serious brands can make themselves up at this time of year or wear a dark veil of irony. You can present products and services with a unique look in line with the Halloween atmosphere, and attract attention to your promotions and discounts.

Use one of our beautiful brand new templates make the content match the season:

1 – Target Your Halloween Email

Young people might be the ideal recipients of a Halloween-themed email but everyone responds to a jokingly dark graphic. In the end, your emails are always about selling products or services and a carefully designed and attractive newsletter is always an added value.

Feel free to use one of the templates we provide to match your content to the holiday.

  • Template newsletter per Halloween

  • Template newsletter per Halloween

  • Template newsletter per Halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

Would you like to edit these templates immediately and send them to your customers? Register for free on Emailchef, and see how easy it is to work with our drag and drop editor!

Don’t forget that if you choose layouts like these for the Halloween newsletter, the theme of the email must be clear from the subject line. Set a light and ironic tone of voice, appropriate to the overall look.

At Halloween, only bring out your usual imagery if you’re doing B2B (business-to-business) marketing.

2 – What to Sell with a Halloween Email

You can sell anything! Makeup accessories, toys, sweets, nights out, and horror-themed clothing are the most obvious products but anything can benefit from a graphic design that adds so much freshness to the presentation.

It’s all about the choice of images and words. What you promote will come with themed iconography and copy that is a little unexpected.

he offer, whether it’s a discounted weekend vacation package or a free dessert, will look much more tempting and in line with Halloween’s trick or treat message.

3 – Customize with Placeholders

Whether you put it in the subject of the email or in the greeting line, your email should contain the recipient’s name. This still applies to a Halloween newsletter.

Your recipients should always feel engaged. They should feel like an individual not a line in your mailing list. Make sure that you spend time and effort segmenting your contacts so that you can better personalize your messages.

You only need two clicks to add the placeholders with the Emailchef editor. Watch our tutorial.

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