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Checklist to Restore Your Email Sender Reputation

You probably already know that your reputation as an email sender is an asset that you have to defend. We explained the reasons in “Email Marketing and SPAM – Reputation is (Almost) Everything”.

A low sending reputation condemns your newsletters to the spam folder and may even prevent them being delivered.

In this post we want to talk about the remedies you can implement when the situation becomes problematic. You will know when this happens. You’ll see the increase in unsubscribes, the rise bounce rates in the short to medium term and, over time, the drop in the number of emails delivered.

Watch the Stats

The statistics available at Emailchef let you easily track your email marketing efforts. If the rate of emails delivered by your account sinks, there is no time to waste.

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Here is the checklist of things to control and actions to take if your sender reputation is in crisis.

The 3-Step Check

  1. Check that your lists only contain email addresses whose owners have given you explicit consent to receive messages. Emails sent without consent are “spam”;
  2. Check that your lists do not contain email addresses that have been inactive for a long time. Either try to re-establish contact with these users or delete those addresses from your lists;
  3. Make sure that all addresses are typed in correctly.

Take Action

  1. Do not send communications that users do not expect, or are not relevant to the subjects of the emails they had signed up to receive;
  2. Highlight the unsubscribe link within the footer. Add a second link to allow users to change their subscription preferences;
  3. Use the footer to insert a sentence that reminds users why they received the message. For example: “You receive this email because you signed up on …”;
  4. Do not use a noreply sender. Make sure that someone actually reads your users’ replies;
  5. Avoid using a meaningless sender name, such as “info” or “sales”;
  6. Write a relevant and non-generic email subject and preheader. (Find out how in our post “5 Ways to Write a Better Email Subject Than “October Newsletter”.)

Don’t wait until the percentage of undelivered emails or the bounce rate reaches double figures. Act now and you can restore your reputation.

Activate the White Label

Activating the white label automatically reinforces your sending reputation.

Your sending address will be provided with a traceable identity, showing mail clients that you are an “authorized sender”. This will help to limit spam notifications, avoid phishing filters, and give a more professional look to your newsletters.

Find out how to configure the white label.

Contact Support

Do you have issues with SPAM reports and bouncing? Contact our support service. We will help you understand the problem and will work with you to try to restore your sender reputation.

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