Our email tracking service

An email tracking service is essential when it comes to manage and improve any email marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, only a thorough analysis of your campaigns can lead to successful results; meaning that you need a reliable email campaign reporting system that extracts all relevant metrics in real-time.

Data, these days, are essential to take your email marketing up to a level. Indiscriminate mass mailing is (or at least should be) a thing of the past, while constantly improved, targeted and refined emails are the only way to achieve substantial results in a world of more and more crowded inboxes.

That’s why email analytics is so important. And that’s why with Emailchef’s email tracking tools you can:

  • Know whether the email has been correctly delivered or got refused by an antispam shield. In this case you should verify if you are following all the best practices about deliverability.
  • Track the exact number of people who unsubscribed after each mailing. If too many users opt out from your newsletter, it means that you must revise your content strategy or your mailing schedule.
  • Know the open rate of your emails and the moment when each single message was actually opened. This is valuable information to understand the efficiency of your subject line.
  • Check each hard bounce – that is, how many emails have been sent to non-existent addresses – and therefore clean your list. Emailchef also provides a tool to do that automatically.
  • Get the click-through rate of your emails. An essential metric to determine if the call to action is well-placed and enticing.
  • Determine the number of spam complaints – that is, how many recipients have put your emails in the junk folder. Of course this number should tend to zero: a spam complaint can harm seriously your deliverability. A good way to avoid it is to provide always an unsubscribe link in your newsletter’s footer.

In short: email campaign tracking has never been so easy. All you need to do is to sign in to the Emailchef dashboard and try it for free.