Email deliverability: the best practices

Improve the email deliverability is extremely important for any professional email marketing campaign: you can have the most compelling content, the best offers and the most beautiful template – but if your newsletter doesn’t hit the target, all is vain.

In short: by “deliverability” we mean the capacity of an email to reach the intended inboxes. If a one-to-one message doesn’t generally have delivery problems, things change completely when it comes to bulk and multiple emails like newsletters.

As a matter of fact, there are many reasons why a mass email cannot be correctly delivered; and in relation to that, there are many best practices to improve your delivery rate.

Let’s analyze them one by one:

1. Subject line.
Keep your subject line short and sharp, no more than 50 characters; and absolutely avoid spammy words like “free”, “gratis”, “hello”, “credit”, “amazed”, “money”, “cash”, etc. This will definitely help your deliverability.

2. Email content.
Write compelling, well-structured content, paying great attention to avoid typos and grammatical mistakes (often related to spam messages). Also be sure that your HTML code is neat and clean.

3. Images.
It’s harder to deliver emails that contain weighty images; so don’t exaggerate with graphics and keep the total weight of your newsletter below 40Kb.

4. Unsubscribe link.
It’s essential to provide a link to opt out easily from your mailings. This way you will prevent the users to put your emails in the junk folder if they don’t want to receive any more messages from you. Emailchef makes it easy to add such link in the footer of all your newsletters, and keep track of each unsubscription.

5. Mailing list.
If you send to a low quality list, your deliverability will surely be harmed. That’s why it’s important to avoid rented and bought email databases, and keep your list constantly clean – deleting misspelled, doubled or non-existent addresses.

6. IP reputation.
Only a trusted outgoing mail server with a good IP reputation will ensure the best deliverability for all your bulk emails. If you try to send a message to many recipients with a normal server like the ones associated to normal email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) your delivery rate will be extremely low: to put it simply, such servers are not designed for email marketing. This is why Emailchef provides a secure sending engine that will guarantee a perfect and quick delivery to unlimited recipients, for unlimited emails. Try it for free!