Email delivery service

An email delivery service is an application that takes care to transmit an email message from the sender to the recipient’s server, avoiding that it’s blocked by antispam shields or ISP filters. This system is a critical tool for professional email marketing, since without a correct delivery, even the best and most targeted newsletter is evidently useless.

In a narrower sense, by “email delivery service” we intend an email relay solution that simply manages the delivery process and nothing else, like a dedicated outgoing mail server: but broadly speaking, we can consider also email marketing platforms like Emailchef as email delivery applications. After all, part of their job is to pick up your newsletters and drive them to the recipients’ inboxes.

At Emailchef, we put the greatest attention when it comes to deliver your emails.

That’s why we keep a constant dialogue with all major ISPs – to ensure that none of your messages is blocked or labelled as spam. We also adopt an authentication system and rely on a series of clean and trusted IP addresses, daily monitored to keep their reputation high and thus guarantee the best delivery rate.

Of course, Emailchef is much more than that: being an integrated email marketing platform, it also provides a WYSIWYG newsletter editor, an advanced list management tool, full analytics etc. Discover it now!