Basic information

  • Who we are

  • Delivery Tech is a company based in the United States of America (USA) and operating from California.
    As our company offers services globally, we have appointed eDisplay Srl as our European representative. eDisplay Srl is responsible for cooperating with the privacy authority and with managing European clientele. You will find a number of references to eDisplay Srl on our sites.

    • Delivery Tech Corp., 4411 Morena Blvd #105, San Diego, CA 92117
    • eDisplay Srl, Viale del lavoro 53, 08023, Fonni (NU)
  • Extent of EU-compliant privacy and security regulations – European requirements

  • Because Delivery Tech is located in California, our company is also subject to US law regarding security and privacy regulations.
    This Notice only applies if Delivery Tech processes customer data with contact lists containing the personal information of EU entities. For all other customers the privacy laws in the country in which the data is collected apply.
    We are always very attentive to the privacy and security of our customers all over the world, so we have taken steps to ensure the safest and most transparent service possible. That includes extending our privacy policy to meet the 2016/79 EU Regulation which came into force on May 25th.
    By using our websites and our services, you understand and consent to the collection, storage, processing and transfer of your information to our facilities in the United States as well as to third parties. Those third parties are able to use that data according to the terms and methods described in this statement.
    To protect the data of European citizens entered into our systems by our users, we apply a model of Data Privacy Agreement (DPA). We indicate the methods of treatment, cooperation and the conditions of service that we have adopted.
    Registered users in the EU (whether subscribers or users of free versions) who use Delivery Tech for commercial purposes must join our DPA to continue using our applications.

  • Data Controller

  • At Delivery Tech Corp. we also act as data controllers but only when we collect your personal data for our own use during the delivery of the services you have purchased. In that instant, we establish a direct relationship between you and us.
    As data controllers we guarantee compliance with the rules concerning the protection of personal data. We provide all useful information about the processing of data, both information communicated directly and voluntarily and any information collected by the system while navigating on the site and using our services.
    Specifically, the data processor for Delivery Tech Corp. is its pro-tempore administrator, assisted by the Data Protection Officer (DPO), who guarantee compliance with the rules imposed by the GDPR.
    You can contact our data controller via this email address:

  • Data Processor

  • When you use our services, you can import data into your system together with the personal information you have collected from your subscribers or from other people. In this case, because we have no direct relationship with your members or anyone other than you, you become the data controller. It will be your job to make sure that you have the appropriate authorization to collect and process information related to the various subjects.
    In a manner consistent with the use of processed personal data, you enter into a Data Policy Agreement (DPA) with Delivery Tech as a service provider for your subscribers through our platforms. The agreement serves to ensure the correct use of data with the appropriate guarantees which we provide to you as the data processor.
    In this case we will keep personal data, processed on behalf of our users, for as long as necessary in order to:

    • provide our services
    • fulfill our legal obligations;
    • resolve disputes;
    • prevent abuse;
    • enforce our agreements.
  • EU representative of the data controller

  • In the specific case where we at Delivery Tech are the data controllers for a European citizen we designate an EU representative to act on behalf of Delivery Tech during the cooperation phases with the control authorities.
    The EU representative of Delivery Tech Corp is eDisplay Srl. Because our headquarters are in California and we operate from the USA, this is a vital task that allows us to give you the best support.
    For European customers, eDisplay Srl will also issue billing and minimize the transfer of data to and from the United States.