5 tips to improve the delivery rate of your emails

5 tips to improve the delivery rate of your emails

In just a few simple steps you can improve the delivery rate of your emails

Email delivery rate is the first thing to study, if you really want to get results with your email marketing. It is a good litmus test to see if you are working well and how good your IP’s reputation is: if it is very low, your communications will not even be delivered.

If your emails do not reach the recipients, by ending up in spam, you’ll never really achieve your marketing goals, thus frustrating all your efforts to create effective email campaigns.

Do you want to get good results and generate conversions? Then the first thing to take care of is the deliverability, read carefully our 5 tips to improve the delivery rate of your emails.

1 – Pay close attention to the links in your emails

The spam filters of the e-mail boxes are more and more advanced. they take care of “scanning” the e-mail you sent before delivering it to the recipient, by checking for the presence of spam or irregularities.

One of the factors that can affect the evaluation of your email is the presence of links: if the links lead to unreliable sites, or contain errors, this will impact the reputation of your IP address in a negative way.

Remember: the lower the reputation, the harder it is to deliver your emails to recipients.

2 – Add a link to unsubscribe

If you are trying to lower the rate of unsubscriptions, by not adding or hiding the unsubscribe link you’re making a bad choice, especially after the GDPR, it is practice hated by users.

Do you really want a list full of people who do not read your emails and can report you to spam? If you want marketing emails, concentrate on creating content to capture the attention of potential customers, not on these spammer tricks!

3 – Create a text-only version for your emails

Many corporate mail servers filter emails in HTML format: this is a problem that should not be underestimated.
If you want to increase your delivery rate, always remember to accompany your HTML emails with text-only versions.

4 – Increase your contacts without buying a mailing list

It seems the easiest way to expand your contact database, but buying a mailing list is always a bad choice!
The addresses are never quality, nor verified, whatever the seller says.

Using a mailing list purchased from third parties will make your bounce rate skyrocket, but above all, it will sink the reputation of your IP address!

If you want to deepen the topic, here are 6 reasons why NOT to buy a mailing list.

5 – Use long URLs instead short links

Spammers like to shorten the links because it’s a simple way to hide the web address to which a button or link refers.

The spam filters do not like this mechanism, so better avoid using it if you want the email sent to end up in the “Inbox”, and not in the box dedicated to spam.

In conclusion

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