Email campaign management

No doubt that email campaign management can be challenging. Sure enough, to manage a whole email marketing strategy you’ll need to supervise and control a different range of tasks: collect new addresses to grow your audience, upload and clean all email lists, of course craft a readable and nice HTML newsletter template, study and set up a sending schedule according to the number of offers or news you want to spread, write content like a pro copywriter, make thorough post-sending analysis to improve your campaign and achieve better and measurable results…

Luckily, Emailchef streamlines this process helping you throughout all its steps. Email marketing has never been that easy: our email campaign management service is all you will need to launch a successful newsletter strategy.

As a matter of fact, managing an effective email campaign means to understand its cyclical nature and its inner relations: doing that without a professional platform can be complicated – and can have repercussions on the very success of your marketing mix. That’s why Emailchef offers you a complete set of email marketing tools:

  • List creation and growth
  • Newsletter design
  • Email sending and delivery
  • Data analytics
  • Test and list segmentation

But there’s more.

Relying on Emailchef also means that you will never have to worry about your email delivery rate. That is, all messages will be quickly sent and actually delivered to all intended inboxes – bypassing ISPs restrictions and all antispam shields. (Of course, provided that you send only legitimate newsletters to people who opted in and chose to receive your communications).

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