Cloud based email marketing

The main difference between running a cloud based email marketing application and managing a desktop email sending software is that the first is entirely available on the web.

In other words, you don’t need to download any software and you’re free to use the email marketing service whenever you want and on any devices: it’s all “on the cloud”, that is on remote servers, thus ready to be accessed anytime.

To sum up, a cloud email client allows you to:

  • send more emails in less time;
  • have more flexible sending options;
  • save and retrieve easily all your data via cloud email archiving;
  • work on your lists anywhere and anytime;
  • enjoy advanced analytics tools;
  • choose among different service plans according to your needs.

Of course, one can raise the question about cloud email security. After all, one can argue, you upload all your lists on a cloud server which can be subject to leaks.

We’re proud to say that Emailchef values enormously your privacy and the security of all your information: our trusted servers have multiple layers of digital protection, and for no reason your data will be shared or used. Anything is and always will be under your direct control.

Cloud based email marketing is a great chance to stimulate interest and engage your customers working directly on the web and managing more easily your mailing lists and newsletters. Try Emailchef for free and start cooking your own campaign!