How to send mass emails

If you need to send mass emails – such as newsletters, direct email marketing messages or even a simple multiple email – is definitely best to rely on a professional sending platform instead of using a common client or webmail.

Sure enough, a dedicated bulk email service like Emailchef streamlines a lot the process of contact management: instead of putting all the addresses in CC or BCC, you can directly send to multiple recipients simply importing a single list.

But there’s much more. Our mass email platform also allows you to:

  • get the highest delivery rate for all mass emails, since (unlike common email provider) it relies on a professional SMTP server that avoids antispam shields and ISP restrictions (very common when it comes to bulk messages);
  • send unlimited emails;
  • ensure the quickest sending process;
  • get loads of professional HTML templates ready to be used, and a powerful Template Creator to craft your own email layout;
  • obtain valuable metrics about your mass emails thanks to its accurate analytics tools;
  • and much more.

Sending mass emails has never been that easy and safe. Sign in to the Emailchef dashboard now and try it for free.