Magento Plugin – 7. Debugging and Troubleshooting

eMailChef Magento Plugin Tutorial

7.1 Common problems

Installation problems

In case of 404 errors, to logout-login into the Magento Admin Panel as an administrator.

In case of other errors, eg. new menu not appearing, no options for list, group or field mapping, remember to clear the Magento Cache and reload the page.

Getting help

In case of other errors, reach as after enabling logging to understand what is happing as follows.

Enable Magento logging:

  • Log into the Magento Admin Panel
  • Navigate to System > Configuration > Developer > Log Settings
  • Chose “Yes” on the “Enabled” option and save the configuration.
  • Make sure the directory {base_dir}/var/log exists. If it doesn’t, create the directory and give it read/write permissions.

Enable eMailChef Extension logging:

  • Log into the Magento Admin Panel
  • Navigate to Newsletter > eMailChef > Settings & Field Mapping.
  • Chose “Yes” on the “Enable module debugging log” and save the configuration.
  • Once the issue has been resolved, we recommend disabling logging.

Data transfers not occuring

If everything is setup correctly in the settings section of the plugin, this is normally due to a problem with the magento cronjob missing, please check official Magento documentation at:


7.2 Tasks and Logs

This extensions provides 3 views that can be useful to debug problems and check its behaviour:

  • Tasks: shows tasks that have been queued up by the eMailChef Extension; It is also possible to trigger the task manually by selecting the Run option from the Action drop-down menu.
  • Task Data: contains the details of each task in the previous view (look up using the Task ID). It also shows a list of the IDs of synced customers.
  • Logs: for advanced users only, shows exactly what happened when a certain task was run.