Mass mailing service

eMailChef is a complete mass mailing service that allows to create, send, schedule and get accurate metrics about bulk emails like newsletters or DEMs, and also create and manage contact lists.
In a single, integrated solution for online mass mailing you will thus get:

  • a clear and efficient WYSIWYG email editor where to customize your HTML newsletter adding images, text, etc. (eMailChef also provides a set of ready-made templates and a professional Template Creator);
  • all you need to create several email lists adding personal and professional details to each contact, also with the possibility to segment them as you wish for more targeted campaigns;
  • a nice contact form editor to develop opt-in and double opt-in forms in minutes and embed them to your website to grow your list rapidly and safely;
  • a powerful mass email sending device, running with a professional SMTP service, that will deliver all your messages without the risk of being filtered by antispam shields (scheduling options are of course included);
  • a full set of advanced analytics tools to understand the effectiveness of your campaign and fix any possible issues, thanks to precise data about openings, clicks, unsubscribing rate etc.

And much more.

With our professional mass mailing service, email marketing will be an easy task. As a matter of fact, eMailChef is probably the simplest and most effective cloud email service available on the market.

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