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HTML email form

An HTML email form is still the safest way to collect addresses to start an email marketing campaign. The idea is extremely simple: you embed an HTML sign-up form into your website, so to provide a direct subscription process for your users. But how to craft it?

Easy: eMailChef provides an intuitive sign-up form editor to help you do it in minutes, with a simple series of drag-and-drops (and no HTML coding!). You can create unlimited opt-in and double opt-in forms with different kinds of fields and modify their color, font style and size; it’s also very easy to add a footer text (for instance a link to your privacy policy).

We then suggest to put the HTML email subscription form in a relevant place of your website – for instance on the top right. All information collected this way will be automatically processed by eMailChef, and stored into a list that you can later modify or segment as you wish to improve your email campaigns. Each list has its own subscription form, but of course you can associated a single list to more forms.