Valentine's Day Email subjects

30 Subject Line Examples for Your Valentine’s Day Email

Valentine’s Day is a time of love and romance… and commerce. It’s a time for businesses to get down on one knee and propose offers that make their subscribers’ hearts sing. That starts with an eye-catching email subject line.

Here are 30 examples that you can adapt for your Valentine’s Day email. And if you want some expert advice about the content and the tone for the rest of the email – and especially if you want to use our special Valentine’s Day templates check this out.

  1. Love at first sight with a 20% discount ?

  2. Do you need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift?

  3. A gift for Valentine’s Day (because we love our customers)

  4. Love at first sight ⚡ 6 offers to make you fall in love again

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are your offers

  6. Last chance for free delivery by V-Day!

  7. One for you and one for your Valentine

  8. Chocolates? A weekend at the Spa is better

  9. Not your usual Valentine’s Day: buy for 2, pay for 1

  10. Better than red roses ? -30% on these products

  11. It is not too late! Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

  12. On Valentine’s Day, you deserve a nice gift

  13. Do you love me? Find out with a romantic dinner

  14. You forgot it was Valentine’s Day. Now what?

  15. Love is in the air, so take care of yourself

  16. Your Valentine’s Day soundtrack is here ?

  17. Here we are: last day to send Valentine’s Day gifts

  18. Save with discounts on V-Day sales!

  19. Cupid’s ? about to fly away! Still 5 more days to claim your discount

  20. Delicious (and simple) temptations for Valentine’s Day ?

  21. 24 hours to save on all Valentine’s Day deals

  22. Guaranteed delivery for Valentine’s Day

  23. ❤️ is … a 25% discount

  24. Valentine’s Day is even happier with free shipping

  25. Roses are red… and gone, but the promotions are still blooming

  26. Cupid’s last call ? Don’t forget Valentine’s Day

  27. Pssst … Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! What have you planned?

  28. A surprise for V-Day … 50 euro discount

  29. Valentine’s Day is… a night out ? Starting from 39 euros

  30. It’s not too late for that perfect V-Day gift!

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