What is a newsletter service

Broadly speaking, a newsletter service is an online platform that allows you to create, send and analyze mass emails; that’s why newsletter services are also known as email marketing services or bulk email services.

In particular, such a platform should provide:

  • a good email newsletter editor that allows to build and import easily HTML templates and text-only messages also; best if it comes with a spam scanner to verify your email’s capability to reach the intended inboxes and avoid antispam shields;
  • an effective system of contact management to collect (via web forms), group and segment all your customers’ emails;
  • a powerful integrated outgoing mail server to make it sure that all sent email is actually a delivered email;
  • the possibility to get a free email newsletter service for small amounts of mailings (or just to try the platform before buying);
  • an analytics platform where you can visualize and export all the relevant metrics about your campaigns: number and rate of unsubscriptions, click-through rate, open rate, spam complaints, etc. All you need to constantly improve your tactics.

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